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Úvod » auta » TrackStar 1:10 SCT Sensor Brushless Motor 3750Kv

TrackStar 1:10 SCT Sensor Brushless Motor 3750Kv


Výrobce: Turnigy
cena bez DPH: 1 098 Kč
cena s DPH (21.0 %):
1 329 Kč
TrackStar 1:10 SCT Sensor Brushless Motor 3750Kv - 1TrackStar 1:10 SCT Sensor Brushless Motor 3750Kv - 2

Český popis připravuji.

Turnigy TrackStar Sensorový motor za rozumnou cenu.The Turnigy TrackStar Sensored Brushless Motors offer outstanding performance at an incredible price!

Trackstar SCT series motors have been optimized for use with todays high power 4x4 Shortcourse racing trucks. The longer can design offers high torque and power handling to give your SCT the performance it craves!

Featuring a quality anodized CNC motor can, hand-wound high purity copper windings and powerful sintered neodymium magnets, you won't find a better priced motor of this caliber anywhere else! They also feature adjustable timing which allows for fine tuning the performance of your ride while the sensor ensures smooth startups and acceleration.

The TrackStar brushless motors make a great upgrade for 1/10th short course trucks, buggies or anything else that uses 550 size motors.

• Sensor-Based for Excellent Torque and Low-Speed Driveability
• Adjustable Timing
• Compatible with any Sensored/Sensorless ESC
• CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Motor Can
• High Purity Copper Windings
• High Power Solder Tabs
• Removable/Replaceable Rotor
• Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet
• Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion

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Technické údaje:
Velikost: 36x65 mm bez hřídele
RPM/v: 3750
Poles: 2
Senzory: Standard 6 pin připojení
Max napětí: 7,4-11,1 V (2-3S)
Max odběr: 112A
Max výkon: 810W
Vniřní odpor: 0.0069 ohm
Průměr hřídele: 5mm
Hmotnost: 236g